Keto for weight loss (Ketogenic ) – A detailed explainer of the popular weight loss diet Plan

Keto for weight loss
Keto for weight loss

Keto for Weight Loss – Diet Plan

Losing extra pounds through a normal diet is difficult. Or it may take a year to get into the real shape you want. Many diets are in the trend now but keto for weight loss is perfect.

Through a simple diet, you may only lose 2-3 in a week. On the other hand, you can lose 2-10 pounds in weight through a Ketogenic diet.

Moreover, the Ketogenic diet is an ancient way to shed pounds. In the 19th century, a high-fat diet was used for diabetic patients. But In modern times, it is people's most demanding diet for rapid weight loss.

What is a Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet aka keto diet. The word keto came from the Greek word ketogenesis. To simply, ketogenesis means producing ketones. Therefore, the whole keto diet is based on producing ketones through fat in the liver. 

As a result, the keto diet is a diet of high fat and low carbs. According to standard measure, there is the intake of 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbohydrates. To conclude, it contains only 5% of fat macronutrient or no fat.

A normal person consumes a high number of carbs and a minimum amount of protein and fat. Hence, you see them become obese. For losing weight, you should restrict carb intake. For instance, Other diets are not able to run with these scientific measurements of losing weight.

High-fat diets make fat their food

Which in return gives you a slim and fit body. There are many types of keto diet but every diet contains high fat. For example:-

Keto for weight loss

Standard Ketogenic diet aka SKD: standard keto diet contains 60-80gram of fat, 30-40 grams of protein and 10-20 grams of carbs. If you calculate this in percentage so it is 75% fat, 25% protein and 10% fat. Meanwhile, losing weight SKD provides good heart health.

Well formulated Ketogenic diet aka WFKD: Steve Phinney is the creator of a well-formulated ketogenic diet. He is a researcher in the keto diet. To simplify, you can take it as a standard Ketogenic diet. For example, it also provides the balanced calories of macronutrients.

Very low carb Ketogenic diet( VLCKD) : A very low carb Ketogenic diet means a minimum number of protein and a maximum number of fat. In other words, zero amount of carbs or just 2-3%.

High protein Ketogenic diet (HPKD); As the name defines itself. Consequently, there is a high amount of protein in this diet. For instance, 30% of protein and 60% of fat. Again only 10% of carbohydrates. A high protein Ketogenic diet is efficient and effective in losing weight.

Cyclical Ketogenic diet (CKD): Clinical Ketogenic diets are specially for athletes. CKD runs a strict formula. That is to say, only 5 days of low carbohydrate and two days of high carb intake. Generally, diet helps to replenish lost glycogen during a workout.

Targeted Ketogenic diet aka TKD: The Targeted Ketogenic diet is quite similar to the standard Ketogenic diet and cyclical Ketogenic diet. But one thing is different. That is you can consume carbs whenever you exercise.

How does the Ketogenic diet work

As written above, the keto diet is a diet rich in fat and zero carbs. Many diets are written above but each diet has one thing in common. In short, fat intake should always be high in number. So,


  • Firstly, the keto diet puts you in ketosis. how?
  • When you restrict carb intake then your liver breaks down the stored fat. And this state of breaking fat for producing ketones known as ketosis.
  • Moreover, the keto diet uses fat for energy resources instead of using a carb.
  • Later, the keto diet suppresses your craving. So, that you can burn fat faster.

This is the simple and effective working process of a Ketogenic diet. In conclusion, you can trust the Ketogenic diet for effective weight loss.

Most importantly, start your keto diet slowly and steadily. Therefore, you will not get into the contact of ketoacidosis. A state where you feel low on a high-fat diet. 

According to a survey, a group of people following a high-fat diet lost 15 pounds. Whereas, people with a low-fat diet lost only 5 pounds (Benefits Of CBD Oil).

Ketogenic diet

Factors that promote keto for weight loss.

First of all, many factors are responsible for promoting keto to effective weight loss. Few are written below:-

Controls your appetite most importantly and an effective way to lose weight is to control your cravings. No matter how old we are but at a point in time, we fail in front of our cravings. But, the keto diet itself controls appetite or suppresses your cravings.

Avoid storing fat-  fasting diet avoid storing fat in the body. As written above that keto uses fat as an energy source thus, it doesn't let fat stores in the sides of our body. As a result, this makes us look slim and fit.

Gluconeogenesisduring the keto diet your body convert protein and fat into a carb for an energy source. This may also burn extra calories.


Effective supplements of Ketogenic diet

Many supplements are available in the market which runs on the principle of a Ketogenic diet. Similarly, high fat, low-carb is the key principles of each keto diet pill.  The top 10 supplements are listed below:-

The supplement is manufactured according to a standard measure of good manufacturing practices. Moreover, helps to improve your overall health. Built your confidence level and detoxify your body. Thus, you can fight against metabolic syndrome.

Bottom line

Well, If you ask me which Ketogenic diet is better. So, choose a standard Ketogenic diet or a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

These both can make you lose 2-10 pounds or more. Above all, if you are not a calories counter lover then definitely choose the keto diet.

Because you just have to cut food items and no need to count calories. As a result, you can simply lose weight without putting much effort into it.


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