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    How to make a penis larger

    Size is a common and big concern for lots of males of all age groups. Research says 10 out of 8 woman likes those men who have bigger penis. While it's true penis size matters to lots of people,  whereas for some people it doesn't matter at all. 

    This is also a situation for men where they feel nervous and low confidence. The average adult's penis size (while erect)  is 5 inches long although some male has 6 to 7 inches longer length.

    First of all, if you have a penis and it's normal to wish it were larger. Everyone has different shapes and lengths of the penis, it is quite common. Well, this article will give some helpful ideas to help you to get a larger penis.

    What is penis enlargement?

    Scientifically, the average length of each man's penis is 4 to 5 inches, which can increase up to 6 inches when aroused.  But, there are some men, whose penis size is only awfully small (ie 2-3 inches). 

    Many men are worried about this and many times they are humiliated because of it. The way to correct this problem is called enlarging the size of the penis (penis enlargement), in which the penis is corrected by giving proper shape to the penis of the man.

    Why does penis size decrease?

    It is a common sentiment that as a person gets older, his health problems also gain.  This also applies to the size of the penis of the man. which is lessened due to various components. If the length of a man's penis is tiny, so there are some main reasons for this, here you can read the below points.

    Being old

    When a man becomes older, his body evolves weaker and the performance of his body roles also reduces. This thing also relates to the penis where its size reduces with age.

    Weight gain

    An overweight person is liable to have numerous health troubles. This is also in the context of penis size and the extra weight influences it.

    Peyronie's disease

    Peyronie Disease is generally known as curved penis disease, which is affected by the improvement of fibrous tissue within the penis. The person who suffers from this disease is more likely to reduce the size of the penis.


    If a man does unreasonable daily smoking, it can damage his health. The reduced size of the penis can also be the outcome of smoking, that is why no man should smoke.

    Critical research

    Is my penis size correct?  Can I make my female partner happy?  These are the questions of a majority of the men, and this is common;

    50 female students aged 18 to 25 were studied, in which 45 students said that the thickness of the penis is more important, the length of the penis does not make any difference. According to another study, 45% of the society's men from their penis size  Not happy, and longing for it to grow up. 

    On the other hand, most of the women of society are happy with their partner's penis size. The nerves inside the vagina are pressure and not pressure, rather than touch-sensitive.  This means that more pressure or friction causes more pleasure. The thicker the penis, the more vaginal opening and stimulation of the nerves inside.

    Penis enlargement surgery for a larger penis

    There are 3 main types of penis enlargement surgery, penis lengthening surgery, penis grease surgery, and chord correction.  Penis enlargement surgery conducts when there is no substantial benefit from the medicine.

    Penile length surgery aids to improve the non-erect length and erect length of the penis to some extent.  Its benefits vary from person to person. but usually, the normal length is about 4 cm.

    The ligament separating the internal part of the penis is divided and the muscle technique is used to assure that this surgery is operated on for a longer period.  Liposuction is usually suggested if the area above the penis is extremely full or the full length of the pencil soft is masked.

    An individual who has used hormonal therapy well and has enhanced his penis length is not capable of penis enlargement surgery.

    Home remedies to make the penis larger

    Containing foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine, zinc, and magnesium gives the body mandatory power to enlarge the penis naturally.

    There are 2 exercises that aids enhance penis sizes are the hot cloth warm-up and the jelq method to enhance the penis. Other exercises that can aid increase penis size are thumb stretchers, backward poolers, exit stretches, kegel, and rotating stretches.

    Like any other disease, home remedies are also useful in the therapy of reduced size of the penis. If a man approves his massage, nutritious food, etc.

    Other benefits things to get a larger penis

    If someone is sad because of the small size of the penis, therefore he can try some significant methods for these:-

    Taking medicine- The medicine is great to gain the length of the penis. These drugs are beneficial in improving the tissue in the penis, due to which its size increases.

    Adopting Ayurvedic treatment – Ayurvedic treatment substantiates useful in enhancing the size of the penis. Thus, a man suffering from a reduced size of the penis can also get rid of the penis problem through Ayurvedic.

    Use of Cream– Nowadays there are several penis enlargement creams and lotions in the market. Therefore, a man suffering from decreased penis size can utilize these creams.


    You must have understood how with the help of these exercises you can increase the length and thickness of the penis. If you also feel that your penis is small and thin, then try this easy exercise. You can also do these exercises by consulting an expert. It is a game of mind so be confident and positive before making physical movement. For best, you should take care of your health, eat a good diet, and do some activities.


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