How to Last Long in Bed? | Trick to make partner satisfied in Bed!


    How to Last Long in Bed

    Satisfying a partner in bed is not a child game and for this, you need a lot of capacity and skill. But if you are also dealing with difficulty in reaching the peak of satisfaction then you must rectify your basics techniques and learn some good moves…

    Set the correct pressure

    The straightforward tip that you should always keep in your psyche is that you have to maintain momentum during intercourse and lovemaking. Whereas, you should know how much pressure to apply or put. If you do not know more about this then you can ask the spouse or openly talk about it to your doctor so that he can tell you the right thing whether you are doing it correctly or not.

    Learn foreplay

    Foreplay is like an art and everyone should learn how to do it. If you wish, tease and motivate the partner, increase the sexual tension so that the partner is willing to do more instead of staying there. Orgasm doesn't need to be achieved by any kind of touch. So let's go to the trial and error method and then see what is working best for both of you.

    Stop and run

    Sex is two-way Instead of confining sex to the intercourse, invoke the partner from the beginning as well. Hence Foreplay is an amazing way to start your sex performance. To start sex by kissing each other. If you are comfortable then you can also use aging techniques. If you wish, adopt the stop, rest, and repeat process.

    Positive thinking

    Positive thinking helps strengthen relationships. Many times there are difficulties in life and there is disagreement as well but one should not be discouraged. The best way to get life right is to consider it. Your positive influence also affects the spouse and she also moves in the right direction.

    Foods that help men to stay last longer in bed


    Not only does the shape of asparagus remind you of something special, but it also contains a kind of vitamin B called folate. It is helpful in the production of histamine which is necessary for healthy sexuality in both men and women. If you want, you can grow asparagus at home or you can buy it from the market.


    Dates are tasty and sweetest dry fruit, dry fruits are good for your energy and also for health. But dates have more benefits than you shouldn't know before, apparently, according to science, date fruits can enhance your libido, also it aids to improve your sperm quality and quantity. Moreover, date fruits boost your sexual performance and experience.


    Ashwagandha can facilitate and legislate testosterone production in the male's body. The level of testosterone is essential to the sexual health of men. Whereas, it has been proven to enhance and maintain a healthy male fertility level.

    Sea fish

    Sea fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and this increases sexuality significantly. This increases the power of sex and makes the mind cheerful and stress-free. Omega 3 acids also benefit the brain, so it enhances the complete experience of sex.


    They have been used for centuries to increase erotic ability. Casanova and Cleopatra both loved it and Casanova used this to attract women. Researches have also proved that Oysters are very helpful in increasing the ability of sex. These increase the level of dopamine in the body and increase sexual desire in both men and women. They are rich in zinc, which is very beneficial for the production of healthy sperm.


    Watermelon contains citrulline antacids which relax the arteries of the blood, which arouses the feeling of sex in a human being. If you want to arouse lust in your husband or wife's mind, then make a watermelon syrup and drink with them.


    Chocolates contain anti-oxidant properties. They are good for your body because they increase sexuality and connection in both men and women. Phenalthalamine is found in the food produced from it, which arouses feelings of sex and sexuality in people.

    Exercise/Activities which boost your stamina for longer performance

    By doing exercises, gym, or better workouts three or four days a week, people try to increase their ability to have sex and stimulate the genitals during sex. In this article, we are going to tell you about some exercises that will increase the stamina of having sex, as well as keep your body healthy and you will support your partner for a long time in bed.


    It is a normal but very effective exercise as it is beneficial for the back waist and muscles. It increases the power of having sex and provides you with enough stamina and does not get tired quickly. So your sexual ability is weak and if you are not able to support your partner completely, then you should make a habit of planning.


    If you want to be with your partner for a long time in bed, then swimming for long distances can increase your ability to have sex. According to a study by Harvard, swimmers have been found to have more sex at the age of 60 than those of normal age of 40 years.

    Keagle exercise

    Pelvic muscles are important for strengthening the muscles for a powerful orgasm in both men and women. Keagle throat exercise can be done at any time and is specifically for the muscles. By performing regular keg exercises for four weeks, your pelvic muscles begin to work well.

    Running/fast walking

    If you are tired of climbing stairs and start panting or are tired of walking a little distance, then you should get into the habit of regular fast walking because it is very beneficial. Studies have found that regular aerobic exercise kills at least 200 calories. This is equivalent to walking two miles regularly and eliminates the problem of less excitement during sex.

    All these factors will help you to boost stamina which helps to increase the timing of your performance.


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