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    How to get a slim and healthy body

    If you want to get a slim and healthy body, stop counting calories and being on a fat diet plan. In reality, mounting calories doesn't guarantee weight drop and fat diets only provide short-term outcomes.

    Following an extremely strict diet can damage your liver and causes nutrient deficiency in the body. Relatively, it is not an easy journey to achieve a slim and healthy body therefore, here we are going to know, how can we get both things at the same time.

    Why a balanced diet is important for a slim and healthy body

    Before going deep into the topic first we should know what is a balanced diet? Multiple scientific statements are given, in a simple way, A balanced diet provides nutrients to your body, where contains proper protein, minerals, and vitamins, for more, it contains fewer calories so that you won't get fat stores.

    A balanced diet includes a variety of foods for e.g fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, and whole grains. A balanced and healthy meal reduces the risk of diseases and improves the overall health of the body.

    healthy lifestyle for a slim body

    1. Move your body more to help you burn extra calories:- reducing fat is all about burning more calories than you consume, and doing daily exercise is a great way to burn calories. Add more physical activities in your life and increase that so you will get great movement every day. Similarly, exercises have been found to boost your mood and also controls your weight. It gives you energy and a better sleeping pattern.
    2. Start the day with a full glass of water:- drinking sufficient during the day will help you iN controlling hunger and prevents you from taking unnecessary calories. Drinking one or two glass of water in the morning while your stomach is empty aid to enhance your metabolism and it removes toxins from your body. Having enough water helps to improve your digestive system, staying hydrated may prevent constipation.
    3. walk after having your meal:- 5 to 10-minute walk after each meal can improve your blood circulation, moreover, it aids to reduce blood sugar levels. If you are lazy to run then this is a simpler thing for you. Additionally, this can help you burn few calories quickly and improve your digestion. In fact, walking a mile helps to burn approx. 100 calories, and it depends on your sex and weight.
    4. Running/jogging:- if you are a person who likes to walk then add a little bit more speed. Further, jogging aids you burn excess calories, and it also makes your body healthy. Whereas, much research confirms that morning runs can reduce stress and suppress appetite including it enhance positivity in your life. However, running also maintains lean muscles and provides strength to your body.

    Foods to avoid for a slim and healthy body

    High sugar things

    According to many doctors, consuming sugar items like sodas, fruit juice, candies, sweetened yogurt, ice cream, etc. Can add more and more calories to your diet but Does not make you full.

    Alcohol consumption

    Drinking alcohol can slow down your weight loss, meanwhile, it inhibits your body from burning fat, can make you feel more hungry. Alcohol contains high calories that enhance body fat where it especially targets your belly area.

    Eating outside

    Currently, eating outside is a trend all around the world, people are dependent on eating outside. Whereas, fast food contains tons of calories, fats, and oils which makes you overweight and lazy.

    Not getting enough sleep

    Lack of sleep is strongly contacted to weight gain and it is not good for your mental and physical health. Also, we should sleep at least 6 to 7 hours a day.

    Healthy food helps to make you slim

    – You can add FISH to your diet, it encourages weight loss and contains high protein. Also, aids to boost your metabolism and increase lean muscle mass.

    Apple Cider Vinegar is traditionally used for detoxification of the body and improve insulin sensitivity. Moreover, ACV decreases calorie intake and takes care of your health.

    – consuming FRUITS in your daily diet can help you to be more active and healthy. There are lots of fruits which possess many vitamins.

    – you can add two EGGS to your one-time meal, it is good for your health and also provides calcium and iron to your body.

    Moreover, you can add almonds, nuts, coconut, vegetables, meats, and berries.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q.1 is a fit body the same for everyone?

    No, it all depends on different measurements likewise sex, weight, and height. Also, healthy body weight can vary with age, amount of lean muscles in the body, and ethnic background.

    Q.2 is it fine to lose weight if I'm over 55?

    It doesn't matter what age group you belong to, having a healthy weight will be beneficial for every adult. Before setting your goal, you should get advice from your nutritionist or doctors because he will give you the best advice according to your health condition and age.

    Q.3 why do lots of people put on so much weight and others don't?

    Every person is different from each other, where some people gain weight rapidly as compared to others. There are lots of reasons: taking too much sugar, lack of exercise, unhealthy food or routine, and bad habits or a combination of all. That individual who is underweight may not eat enough, as according to their body's need and the opposite of this, some people eat too much as a result of it, they get over body weight.

    Q.4 how much physical activity should I do?

    It depends on your body weight, but having daily activity is good for every person. Daily physical activities help to reduce many diseases, risks of developing health problems and promote weight management. You can add some exercises or poses to your routine, also, you can try running or jogging.

    Q.5 how can I lose weight faster?

    You can lose weight faster than before but for this, you have to maintain lots of things in your life. Whereas doing a 1 to 2 hours workout, controls your overeating habit, stops smoking or drinking, inhibits fast food and for more, you can use some weight loss supplement.


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