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    Epilepsy treatment with keto

    Along with treating metabolic syndrome, keto is known for treating epilepsy too. Children with the pharmacoresistant condition had shifted their diet into a keto diet. In 1910 the use of the Ketogenic diet began. G Guelpa and A Marie are the two Parisian physicians. Who gave treatment to a person with epilepsy with the keto.

    Luckily, I got success. They got to know that if your body is in starvation mode( ketosis) then your epilepsy will be less effective. After they discovered it, this therapy of the keto diet began in 1920. The Ketogenic diet is high in fat and low in carbs. And the maximum number of proteins.

    Moreover, when nothing was working on the patient with epilepsy. Thus physicians found the keto diet. In modern times people use a Ketogenic diet for weight loss purposes.  but it is mainly for treating ailments.

    Ketogenic became famous in the 20th century. when Hollywood director Jim Abraham got success in the 1990s with keto. In his son's epilepsy treatment. His sons defeat epilepsy with the help of a Ketogenic diet.

    What is epilepsy?

    Epilepsy is a nerve cell activity disorder. When your brain gets disturbed because of a seizure. Seizures occur when your neurons do uncontrollable electrical burst activity. As a result, this causes abnormal behaviour in muscle tone and body. For example, limpness and stiffness.

    Some seizures even caused loss of awareness and unusual sensation. During seizures, people lost their ability to swallow anything and convulsion. In addition, not being able to speak properly, jerking and limpness in the body.

    Along with this, they become unconscious. In conclusion, epilepsy is not of one type. In addition, patients with epilepsy can gain so much health. Mentioned below are those types of epilepsy which have benefits with keto diet:-

    1. Infantile spasms
    2. Tuberous sclerosis complex
    3. Dravet syndrome
    4. Type 1 glucose transporter / GLUT-1 deficiency
    5. Rett syndrome
    6. Doose syndrome
    7. Focal seizure patients also take the keto diet
    8. myoclonic-astatic epilepsy

    What is the keto diet?

    Keto or Ketogenic diet of minimum carbs and rich fat. In simple words, high fat, low-carb. You should not consume carbohydrates while running on a Ketogenic diet. Many health ailments can reach their end by taking a keto diet. For example:- type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol level and epilepsy.

    Because the diet consumes seafood, healthy cheese, low carb vegetables, non-sugary fruits and so on. Hence, it may burn fat and treat metabolic syndrome. Likewise, improve cognitive performance and treat a neurological disorder and psychological disorder.

    What a Ketogenic diet does is use fat for fuel and carbs as a dustbin. All this becomes possible because of ketones. Or you can say acids that the liver produced after starvation. Thus, it puts you in a state called ketosis. Now, let's understand how keto works in epilepsy treatment.

    Epilepsy treatment with Ketogenic diet

    As written above, keto is a Rich-fat diet. not eating enough carbohydrates makes your body starve. meanwhile starving your liver breakdown fat to create ketones. Thus, you are in a ketosis state. On the other hand, you can achieve ketosis by fasting for hours. For example, people in ancient times would fast because this put them in ketosis. Ketosis is helpful in the treatment of epilepsy. Not knowing this many scientific methods they simply fast and get well after times. Then this process was particularly known for epilepsy in 1920.

    As it provides an improvement in the neuro system.  60 per cent of epilepsy patients get relief from anti-epileptic drugs. But some may continue getting seizures. Those who continue to get seizures will get relief through a Ketogenic diet.

    Nerve cells like hyperexcitable or neurons In the brain responsible for the seizure. Metabolic Changes in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid happens because of the Ketogenic diet. Furthermore, it reduces the excitability of neurons. Thus, a reduction in the attack of epilepsy is seen. It is most effective with children who are patient of local seizure.

    Generally, epilepsy returns when you break your fast with food that is full of carbohydrates. So, the Ketogenic diet plays the main role in defeating seizures.

    Who can use the keto diet for epilepsy treatment

    Children of age 1 to 18 years have a better effect of keto treatment. According to Canada, they run a special Ketogenic diet programme in hospitals. Mostly, when a seizure is not controlled by anti-seizure medication then you can make children take keto.

    Adults can also use a Ketogenic diet for treating or controlling their epilepsy. However, Adults have the option of taking a modified Ketogenic diet, classic keto diet or Atkins diet.

    Which Ketogenic diet for epilepsy is best?

    Keto has many variations in its diet.

    For epilepsy treatment, there are mainly three types of diet that are proven best.

    Classic comes first

    Classic Ketogenic diet is known best for treating epileptic patients. Other names are the Long chain triglyceride diet and the traditional Ketogenic diet.  In 1923 ,dr. Russell wilder originated it. Classic kD provides 4-6gram fat on every 1-2  gram of carbohydrates.

    Modified Ketogenic diet

    Modified Ketogenic diet is different from classic Ketogenic diet. MDK balances the ratio of protein and carb consumption. For example, fat should be 50 per cent, protein will be 30 per cent and carb 20 per cent. Therefore, it is called a modified version of the Ketogenic diet.

    Atkins diet

    Robert Atkins created the Atkins diet. Atkins diet is a low carb and high-fat diet. To simplify, you can take a rich fat and Protein diet but low carbohydrate everywhere.

     Ketogenic food for epilepsy

    After getting enough information about the Ketogenic diet and epilepsy treatment with keto. You will be curious to know what food you should add while treatment. These are written below:-

    Eat fat more

    Firstly, eating fat would be so beneficial in epilepsy although keto runs on the principle of it. For instance, margarine, avocado, Brussel sprouts, seeds and nuts and many more.

    Maximum protein

    Secondly, protein should be at a maximum amount. Around 20-25 per cent of protein you can eat according to your diet. For example, cheese, red and fresh meat, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish et cetera.

    Minimum carbohydrates

    As already written, intake minimum carbohydrates or sometimes no carbs. The food you can eat is green vegetables and fruits.


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