Burn fat With Keto: How your Body Burns Fat Without Exercise

burn fat with keto
burn fat with keto

How to burn fat with keto – Tips for Fat Loss and Improved Performance

A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a high fat, low-carb diet. Keto diet means all the fat in while all the carbs go out. People say that Being on a keto diet needs a lot of strength and strong determination.

But it is not that hard when you know all the tips and techniques. Generally, you can burn fat with keto more than other famous diets.

For example, on intermittent fasting, you can lose 0.65 to 1.65 pounds per week. On the other hand, you can burn 1 to 2 pounds each week. Hence, burning fat with keto is perfectly fine. Moreover, a fasting diet increases confidence level as well as energy level.

Working process of burn fat with keto

Before taking on any diet you should understand the working process first. The low-carb diet was inspired by the Atkin diet. After boosting your metabolism diet will put you in the metabolic state known as ketosis.

As you are already aware of the fact that keto restricts carb intake. Eating carbohydrates on a keto diet is like doing any crime.

Funny no? Haha! But it's real. You should not eat carbohydrates while being on the Ketogenic diet. Substituting fat rather than carbs is the basic principle of a high-fat diet.

Do you get confused? Okay! Okay! burn fat with keto a simple way. Ketogenic diets use fat for energy and ignore all carbs. For example, when we peel potatoes and throw away the outer skin of the potatoes in the dustbin.

Likewise, a keto diet takes only fat-rich foods and throws away all the carbs outside of your body. MCTs ( medium-chain triglyceride) produce in the ketones from the liver. This breaks down fats and converts them into ketones.

To simply, ketones are a kind of acid that our body creates when we replace carbohydrates with fat. Hence, our body starts using fuel made through fat instead of carbohydrates.

Starving for a few hours (10-14) will also produce ketosis. But it will be hard to put your body in ketosis by not eating anything.

Because you will end up eating more than necessary. To conclude, keto is the best way to put your body in a fat-burning state. This is how the keto diet triggers your body to burn fat.

Ketogenic Diet
Ketogenic Diet

Fat burn with Ketogenic diet

After understanding the whole process of activation of ketosis and triggers to fat burn will make you satisfied. That's right! Keto will make you burn fat indeed. Keyo has multiple Variations. 

such as standard Ketogenic diet, targeted ketogenic diet, MCT Ketogenic diet, well-formulated Ketogenic diet. Also, modified Atkin, cyclical Ketogenic diet and many more. You can choose any diet for weight loss.

Each diet has one thing in common that you have to restrict carbs. Brief description of all Ketogenic diet:-

Standard Ketogenic diet( SKD):- standard Ketogenic diet requires a high number of fat ( 75 per cent), a maximum number of protein ( 25 per cent) and a minimum number of carbs( 10 per cent).


Targeted Ketogenic diet ( TKD):– targeted Ketogenic diet is less strict in comparison to other diets. In this, you can eat carbs when you exercise. However, you can eat the rest of the day with the same restricted food.


Well-formulated Ketogenic diet (WFKD):- well-formulated Ketogenic diet is the same as a standard Ketogenic diet in the extreme. Few differences are only noticeable in this Ketogenic diet. A researcher in the keto diet has created it.


Modified Atkins:- modified Atkins also restrict carb intake and promote fat consumption. Atkins also contains low carb foods.

Food that helps you burn fat with keto

Furthermore, we will discuss below the food you should keep taking on or what you have to stop immediately. Without knowing the proper diet you cannot melt fat.

Things will be easy for you with the right information. No longer have to go to a keto dietitian for receiving a proper diet chart. Below mentioned is a diet chart for you.

Keto diet chart

For breakfast, you can eat eggs, tuna, and fried shellfish. For vegetarians, you can eat chocolate smoothies. In place of chocolate smoothies, eating vanilla smoothies is also okay.

The lunch should be chicken, salad of vegetables and juice of lemon or olive. For vegan, avocados, berries and vegetarian lasagna.

For evening snacks cheese rolls are the best choice. Moreover, they are healthy and high in fat. Also, flax crackers and Turkey jerky. Nowadays, keto presents vegetarian keto burgers.

Brussels sprouts with green vegetables salad. Else beef stew cooked with mushrooms will put you in a faster fat-burning state. Classic keto Tricolore Salad is a perfect match for keto dieters.

Simple exercises

Consumption of keto food will be a good choice but daily give your efforts in 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, being on a fasting diet exercise can add stars to your efforts. For instance, if you lose 1-2 pound in a week with keto. There you will lose 2-3 pounds in a week with exercise in a Ketogenic diet. No heavy weightlifting and running on the treadmill are required. Especially avoid high-intensity exercises.  All you should do is simple exercises. Such as:-

jogging – here jogging can give you benefits.

Aerobic – aerobic exercise will do you a great favour. For example:- do cardio long duration. Plus, it is low-intensity fat burning.

Exercise for flexibility- you can do yoga that helps in improving the range of the soft tissues. Also, stretching will be a good choice in need.

For balancing exercise for balancing your body. Stabilization in the body is more important. In conclusion, it will improve body stability, control of the body and many more.

You are doing exercises on keto to burn extra fat. That is to say, no need to do heavy and high-intensity exercises. Just do it for maintaining flexibility, stability in the body. Or you can say it just warms up a little. A keto diet alone is enough to give you desirable results. Stay fit and slim with keto the best fat burner.


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