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    Best way to start a keto diet

    Shifting from a high carb diet to a low-carb diet is a little bit tough. But don't be afraid. Things become easy when you have the right guidance.

    We were told that fat will harm us in a way we can not imagine. But it is not right. The ketogenic diet is run on the basics of high fat and low-carb.

    First, know what fat you should include in your diet before going further.

    The fat you should include in the keto diet

    There are many types of fat. For example:-

    1. Saturated fat – This fat is known as solid fat. Mainly it is found in dairy and poultry products such as milk, meat and cheese. Also in oils for instance oil, coconut oil and palm oil. But this can increase your cholesterol level which is considered to be “bad fat”.
    2. Unsaturated fat- “good fat” or liquid fat. Unsaturated fat. In this two types of fat is included.1. Polyunsaturated fat 2. Monounsaturated fat. Vegetables, nuts, avocado, sunflower, sesame, and vegetable oil are in it. You should eat only unsaturated fat. That is to say, the keto diet is full of unsaturated fat.
    3. Trans fat – Trans fat is also a ” very bad fat” . Try to eat as little trans fat as you can. Fat contains the hydrogenation process from changing it.
    4. Total fat – total fat is simply the whole of fat. Unsaturated fat, saturated fat and trans fat are all included in it.

    Things to know about the Ketogenic diet

    Many people exaggerate the strict discipline and diet routine of the Ketogenic diet. however, it is not right. If your body simply shifts solid food to liquid food you will see drastic changes. Later a good version of you.

    Likewise,  when you change your diet from an American food style to a Ketogenic diet you will face a few changes for sure. For instance, facing keto flu in the starting and then your body will get comfortable with it.

    To simply, a Ketogenic diet is a diet of eating unsaturated fat and low-carb food. From the above information, you get to know what fat you should eat and avoid. Rich fat food is good for your body and fighting against diseases. How things work in keto diet:-

    • Restricting carbohydrates and promoting fat puts you in ketosis. Ketosis is a state when your body uses unsaturated fat for energy and ignores carbs.
    • Ketosis is a state when your body uses fat for fuel. Also, avoid carbohydrates. On normal days, our body fuel is made from carbohydrates.
    • So, ketones produced by the liver from the fat. Ketones trigger rapid weight loss. BHB ( beta-hydroxybutyrate) is the most effective ketones that help in effective weight loss.
    • thus, avoiding carbohydrates makes you slim and fit. Moreover, improve your physical and neurological health. In addition, improves your heart health and decreases the risk of heart strokes.

    Types of Ketogenic diet

    Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD) – standard Ketogenic diet contains 75% fat, 15% protein and 10% carbs. Therefore, it is known as the clastogenic diet.

    Well-formulated Ketogenic diet (WFKD) –  WFKD is much like a standard Ketogenic diet. Thus, fat should be 80%, protein should be 15% and carb should be 5% only.

    Targeted Ketogenic Diet ( TKD)-  TKD is different from the rest of these. Because you can eat carb while following TKD. With one condition, you can eat carbohydrates when you exercise.

    Modified Ketogenic diet (MKD) – MKD is a modified version of the keto diet. Hence, the rest is the same.

    To conclude, run off any Ketogenic diet you find suitable According to your body type. Mention below is the factors that you have to focus on. What to eat and what to avoid is a tricky and challenging part. On the other hand, knowing how much quantity you need of each is a big task. Solving all these quizzes, continue reading the article.

    Things to do and don't in the Keto diet

    For losing weight and improving your health, a Ketogenic diet is best. Mention below is the best way to start a keto diet. Furthermore, you should know things to do and don't on the keto diet.

    Food to concentration

    As keto is a rich fat diet and unsaturated fat is best for reducing ailments. So, concentrate on the food you find worthy. For example-  eat eggs, cheese, avocados, berries, seafood, red meat, nuts and seeds and many more. But all should contain low carbohydrates. However, you should avoid starchy food items, sugary drinks and fruits, bread, cake, frozen meat and so on.

    How to start a keto diet

    After consumption of high carbohydrates food, take steps slowly and steadily. Because, If you restrict carb intake at once then it would become harmful. Gradually, shift your diet from high carb to low-carb. That is to say, you will not suffer from Keto-flu if you follow the above-written tips. To conclude, if you get in contact with Keto-flu then there is nothing to worry about. It is just a shifting period when you get comfortable in the diet it will evaporate too.

    Eat-in the right amount

    Now you know what you have to eat. Furthermore, It would be better to know to eat in the right amount. Below written is a diet chart you can follow for the right amount:-

    Breakfast- eat eggs or you can take bacon crusted frittata muffins/tuna/ fried fish

    Lunch- cheeseburger/chicken/vegetable salad and fruit juice

    Snacks-  flax crackers/ rolls/ cheese rolls/ turkey jerky

    Dinner-  green Vegetables/ brussel sprouts/ cheeseburger casserole/ chicken / fruits salad.

    Cook your food in coconut oil or olive oil.

    Rich macronutrient

    Macronutrients such as sodium, potassium and magnesium should be in balanced quantities. For instance, as per one day, your intake should be:-

    magnesium:- around 300-600mg per day

    Sodium:- 2-3 spoons of salt daily.

    3500-7000mg per day

    Potassium:-  maybe 3000-4500 mg per day

    Taking enough quantity of potassium, sodium and magnesium will boost electrolyte. Electrolyte will not let you suffer from Keto-flu. Moreover, enough salt keeps you hydrated all day.


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