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10 Keto-friendly Snacks Recipes
10 Keto-friendly Snacks Recipes

10 Keto-friendly Snacks Recipes -Easy Keto Diet Snacks for Beginners

Following a Ketogenic diet can be sometimes boring. Because of maintaining 5% carb and 80% fat, you all lose flavour in the meal.

“Low carb high-fat diet doesn't mean less tasty food” therefore, this site will give you 10 keto-friendly snacks recipes that are tasty and healthy.

In this busy time everyone wants to eat healthily and food that does not take more time in cooking. Furthermore, the below-written recipes will cook, bake and fry within 30 minutes. Thus, Not a single recipe will take more than half an hour along with offering your great idea of consuming healthy and delicious snacks.

1 gluten-free breakfast

For making gluten-free breakfast you need to give 20 minutes in the kitchen. Take a pan and add two eggs that are lightly beaten up.

Then put 2 mason jars in the pan and add beaten eggs In each lid with salt and black pepper.

Cover it with a lid for 4-5 minutes and let them fluffy. Later, add cheese slices to it. So, your breakfast is ready to serve. Serve it with red/green sauce on the fluffy eggs.

2 little cups of pepperoni pizza

Yes! Here we make little cups of pepperoni pizza with few ingredients. For making pepperoni pizza you need pepperoni slices which are easily available in the market. Fit the pepperoni slices in the mini muffins tray.


2 little cups of pepperoni pizza
2 little cups of pepperoni pizza

Let it bake for 4-5 minutes then take it out and dry the geese on it. 10 Keto-friendly Snacks Recipes For the filling, you need basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, and pizza sauce.

Put basil leaves in the baked pepperoni slices and then put mozzarella slices balls and pizza sauce in it. Bake them for 2-3 minutes. Hence, your little cups of pepperoni pizza are ready.

3 low-carb crackers

Keto crackers or low carb crackers can be baked in just 30 minutes. Low carb crackers dough needs mozzarella cheese and almond flour. Melt them in the microwave.



After that make the smooth dough of the melted cheese and almond flour. Now, add the beaten eggs into the soft dough so that it will be sticky.  Additionally, roll the dough thin and cut it into square shapes. Later, bake it and eat it.

4 cauliflower tots

Yes! Cauliflower tots can be easily made and tastes good. Grate the cauliflower and put it in a pan for drying the water off it.

Keep stirring the cauliflower rice for making sure it will dry, not watery. Additionally, add egg, sea salt and mozzarella cheese. 

Make a dough of the cauliflower rice material and shape it into small pieces. For frying, take a pan, put avocado oil and deep fry the material until it changes its colour into golden. Lastly, you can serve it with green chilly/red Tomato sauce.

5 Mini healthy cheesecake

For making mini healthy cheesecake take peanut butter and cream cheese, soften them by heating. You also need crushed choco chips for dipping the dough of peanut butter and cream cheese in it. This will form like a ball and you can keep it in an airtight container.

6 Bacon Brussels sprouts

Bacon Brussels sprouts look amazing and taste delicious. First, roast Brussels sprouts for 20 minutes and then wrap the bacon sheet properly around roast Brussels sprouts.

You can cut the bacon as per the size of Brussels sprouts you have in your hand. After wrapping, put a toothpick inside bacon Brussels sprouts for fitting it. On the other, side whisk Dijon mustard seeds, whole grain mustard and Black pepper.

Also, salt. Now roast the Brussels sprouts for another 10 minutes after sprinkling paste of Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard and so on. As a result, your delicious dish is ready.

7 Olive tapenade

Olive tapenades are made of olive oil, cut olive and capers. Just mix the olive oil, capers, black pepper, garlic and chopped olive into a rough paste.

For example, eat it with the above-written crackers which contain low carbohydrate. This is the most simple and healthy recipe for all keto dieters.

8 whipping cream blackberries

You must have eaten blackberry, raspberry and red berry. But haven't you tried any of these with whipped cream. No?

8 whipping cream blackberries
8 whipping cream blackberries

Then try today. Take a full bowl of whipped cream and add all berries to it. Thus, Mix them well as each berry coated with cream. To conclude, you can eat the easy, healthy and low carb snack.

9 try something new with avocado

Avocados are healthy and best for all who follow a Ketogenic diet. They only contain 10-12 grams of carbs. Try something new with avocado for example eat avocado with olive tapenade.

9 try something new with avocado
9 try something new with avocado

Or eat stuffed avocado. For stuffing, you can take eggs, tuna salad or cheddar cheese/ mozzarella cheese. You can make avocado with beaten eggs for adding extra flavour to your snacks. 

Furthermore, add black pepper, cheese, garlic in the paste and put oil in the pan. Pour the batter into the pan and cook it on low flames for 15 minutes.

10 Hazelnuts bars

All you need is hazelnuts, Cocoa powder, almond flour, any sweetener you like, coconut oil and almond butter. Make a fine paste of all the things. Then add it to a loaf pan after putting the paper-lined in it.

10 Hazelnuts bars

Freeze it for 2 hours. Take it out of the fridge and garnish the bar with dry fruits. Cut into pieces and serve them. To conclude, this recipe is high in fat (16-20 grams) and low in carbohydrates (4-5 grams) only.

All the recipes are keto-friendly snacks and you can try them whenever you get bored from daily Ketogenic food.

Importantly, these will not ruin your strict Ketogenic diet chart in any way. Furthermore, the above-written recipes and DIY are presented after keeping your routines and diet chart in mind.

Hence, the best thing about keto-friendly snacks is that they are pocket friendly, time-saving and keep you on track.

Also, Make sure you have all the ingredients so that you do not need to go out in the pandemic. Always try something new in these lockdowns and make the boring dieting plan an amazing diet plan.


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